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Show #112
Monday, November 25, 2013

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While on the ModernApps2013 Road Trip stop in Raleigh-Durham, Carl and Richard talk to Aaron Bockover about his experiences building multi-device, cloud centric applications - aka, modern apps. Aaron talks about being part of the rdio team, a music streaming app available for variety of platforms that allows you to move your music stream from device-to-device, controlling one device with another. Working with multiple devices is a hallmark of modern apps, and Aaron digs into what looks easy on the outside, but is deadly hard on the inside.
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Aaron Bockover
Aaron Bockover
Aaron Bockover is the lead for Xamarin.Mac having joined Xamarin in October 2012. He spent two years at Rdio, a music streaming service, leading the design and development of the C# core that powers Rdio on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Aaron started his career in C# shortly before joining Novell in 2004 where he developed Banshee, a cross platform desktop media player, while tangentially working on dozens of platform libraries such as Mono.ZeroConf and TagLib#. In his copious spare time, Aaron enjoys cycling, beer, bacon, and managing the wildly popular from his home in lovely downtown Raleigh.

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