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Show #85
Monday, May 20, 2013

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Carl and Richard talk to Rob Bazinet about building iOS applications. One of the applications that Rob discusses is a pallative care application for the iPad that allows people who are in remote care homes routinely communicate with their doctor how they are feeling without the doctor having to go to see the patient directly.
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Rob Bazinet
Rob Bazinet
Rob Bazinet has been involved in software development for over 25 years starting out as a Microsoft BASIC developer on CP/M systems and later utilizing Visual Basic and eventually C#, developing everything from enterprise desktop to web applications. Today Rob runs The Still River Software Company in Woodstock, CT where he consults on projects built mainly using Ruby on Rails and mobile applications for iOS. He is currently exploring client projects on the Android platform. Rob's team is developing a web application named SimpleMailr (a SaaS application) and has their own products in the Apple App Store along with various client applications. He blogs about entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and technology at His twitter handle is @rbazinet.

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