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Show #124
Monday, February 17, 2014

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Carl and Richard talk to Domenic Denicola about his experiences taking HTML beyond HTML 5. The conversation starts out talking about Domenic's experiences getting WebKit working inside the Nook to implement the reader. Then it moves to WinJS - Domenic worked on a textbook reader for Windows 8 using WinJS. Domenic talks about the challenges of the 1.0 version of WinJS, working around testing limitations, and the open source libraries that Barnes and Noble built to solve the problems. And then the conversation digs deep into the next generation of HTML - Domenic talks about dynamic elements and how HTML continues to evolve. Great thinking about how to keep HTML technology moving forward!
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Domenic Denicola
Domenic Denicola
Domenic Denicola is highly active in the JavaScript community, building web applications for a living while maintaining many open-source libraries and contributing to the web and JavaScript standards process on the side. He's passionate about things like software craftsmanship, the next version of JavaScript, and making the standards process more transparent to developers, and is known as one of the co-authors of the Promises/A+ open specification, and the editor of the ES6 promises spec. Recently he’s been working on bringing streams from Node.js into the browser. Domenic works at Lab49 in New York City.

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