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Show #104
Monday, September 30, 2013

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Carl and Richard chat with Michael Crump about his experiences migrating Windows Phone 7.1 apps to Windows Phone 8. The conversation starts out with a short recap on some of the recent craziness around Nokia and Microsoft and the calibre of phones and tablets coming out these days - it's time for the second wave of Win 8 devices! Michael digs into the benefits and challenges around switching to Windows Phone 8, including access to new resources, dealing with multiple screen resolutions and buildings apps where the code base can be largely shared between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It's time to make the move! Make sure you activate your Windows Azure credits in your MSDN Subscription! You could win an Aston Martin!
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Michael Crump
Michael Crump
Michael Crump is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Community Champion, and an author of several .NET Framework eBooks. He speaks at a variety of conferences and has written dozens of articles on .NET development. He currently works at Telerik with a focus on our XAML control suite. You can follow him on Twitter at mbcrump or keep up with his blog by visiting

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