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Show #61
Monday, December 3, 2012

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While at the Dallas stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard talked to Miguel Castro about what it takes to redesign applications to be Windows 8 Store style applications. Miguel talks about his experience redesigning UIs and looking at the way applications are going to function in the future. Combined with some great questions from the audience, this show gives you a look at what it takes to get your existing applications working in Windows 8 in the modern app style.
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Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro is an architect with IDesign with over 22 years of experience in the software industry. He's a Microsoft MVP, member of the INETA Speakers Bureau, and ASP Insider. With a Microsoft background that goes all the way back to VB 1.0 (and QuickBasic in fact), Miguel has spoken at numerous user groups, code camps, and conferences throughout the US and overseas. He has also been featured on the technology talk shows, .NET Rocks, .NET Rocks-TV, Microsoft's ARCast (Architecture Podcast), and The Polymorphic Podcast on numerous occasions. He specializes in architecture and development consulting and training using Microsoft technologies. Miguel is also a regular author with CoDe Magazine and the author of the CodeBreeze code generator.

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