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Carl and Richard talk to David Bates about the state of Flash. But first, the boys geek out on David's hacking exploits with Arduino and Kinect. Then the conversation gets a bit more serious, talking about the destiny of Flash - which David points out is Adobe Air. Adobe Air is able to compile ActionScript from Flash into native code on iOS and Android. Flash isn't quite dead!
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David Bates
David Bates

David Bates has been hacking hardware and software for over 20 years, starting with a pioneering project for Dow Corning and IBM involving software controlled robotic arms. He has since become proficient in a dozen languages and APIs; has programmed on just about every type of device phone, desktop, and embedded devices; and is currently lead developer for a leading manufacturer of IC products. He is well-known in the community for using tools such as Arduino and Netduino to hack everyday objects, transforming them into something fun. He has conducted extensive research into hacking the Kinect to expand its applications in computer control, robotics, security, and related markets.

Most recently David has been writing a book about his exploits in hacking the Microsoft Xbox 360 sensor and is well known in several industries for my other hacks.



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