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Carl and Richard talk to Peter Kuhn about what Silverlight developers need to know about building applications in XNA on Windows Phone 7. Peter digs into the differences between XNA and Silverlight - they both use C# and some common low level libraries in Windows Phone 7, but that's where it ends. The conversation also digs into how to build hybrid apps, using the best of Silverlight and the best of XNA together.
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Peter Kuhn
Peter Kuhn
Peter Kuhn works as Senior Consultant and Architect for Applied Information Technologies in Germany, where he also leads the Azure department. He has been a fan of .NET since day one and also enjoyed working with Silverlight in the past years. At night he spends too much time with Windows Phone and several pet projects around it. You may know him as "Mister Goodcat" from articles, webinars or various online community platforms.

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