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Carl and Richard talk to Greg Shackles about his experiences building Olo - an online ordering platform for restaurants. Greg starts the conversation talking about the decision to move from a different mobile platform over to Xamarin so that they could provide support for the largest diversity of devices with the largest common code base. The conversation also digs into MvvmCross, a library for utilizing the MVVM pattern across multiple platforms - Greg takes advantage of MvvmCross to minimize the amount of unique code for each platform. Great case study of the potential of Xamarin!
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Greg Shackles
Greg Shackles
Greg Shackles is a Senior Software Engineer at Olo. He is a Xamarin MVP, host of the Gone Mobile podcast, organizer of the NYC Mobile .NET Developers Group, author of Mobile Development with C# and a monthly Visual Studio Magazine column, and is a regular speaker at many user groups and developer events. Outside of technology, Greg is obsessed with heavy metal, baseball, and craft beer, sometimes in combination, and is also an aspiring homebrewer.

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