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Show #126
Monday, March 3, 2014

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Carl and Richard talk to Jacob Rossi from the Internet Explorer team about his experiences helping to develop HTML standards like Pointer Events. Jacob talks about how the HTML standards continue to evolve to deal with the changes in computing, including the diversification of input devices - how do you deal with mouse, pen, touch and gesture in a uniform way, while also taking advantage of the distinctive capabilities of each input method? The conversation digs into how the various browser makers, including Chrome and Mozilla (Firefox) work together to develop these standards, creating implementations in the browsers to test in the field, and then carry the learnings back to the group. We may only hear about how they compete in the market, but at the same time, they all work together to make the web a better place!
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Jacob Rossi
Jacob Rossi
Jacob Rossi is a Program Manager for Internet Explorer working on advancing the web through standards and new user experiences. Jacob has been at Microsoft since 2010 and active in the web standards community for over five years. He's the author and co-editor of the Pointer Events and CSS Snap Points web standards, former editor of DOM Level 3 Events and UI Events, and contributor to numerous other HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related standards. His recent work focuses on building an industry leading touch experience for the browser.

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