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Show #125
Monday, February 24, 2014

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Carl and Richard talk to Justin Esgar about everything that goes into building a successful mobile app - not just development! Justin talks about his experiences building a variety of different mobile apps, mostly on the iOS platform. He digs into the challenges of getting a good idea together, outsourcing various services (including development), how to get your app accepted in the AppStore, how to actually market your app effectively, and what success looks like. Much of what Justin has done is in his book Appitalize on Your Idea, links in the show notes!
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Justin Esgar
Justin Esgar
Justin Esgar is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, balancing his time between his computer consulting firm, software development, and coming up with the next big idea. His premier app SignMyPad has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and has been featured in Apple's list of top business apps. He launched NYC Truck Food in 2011 which tracks food trucks in New York City, and his latest endeavor is Email Phoenix, a cloud-based backup service for Kerio mail users. At the end of 2013, Justin released his first book Appitalize On Your Idea, available on Amazon. Justin focuses on projects that combine his passion for technology and his commitment to going green.

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