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While at the San Francisco stop of the ModernApps2013 road trip, Carl and Richard talk to Beth Massi about building mobile apps with LightSwitch. The conversation starts out with an explanation of Microsoft LightSwitch, which is part of Visual Studio and focuses on making data-over-forms apps really easy to build. Beth digs into how LightSwitch creates HTML 5 clients and now has an option to create a responsive web design client using jQuery mobile, so that you can automatically make great mobile clients for your apps. The conversation digs into a variety of cool features of LightSwitch, including its ability to work with Azure, SharePoint, Office 365 and more!
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Beth Massi
Beth Massi
Beth is a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio Cloud Platform Tools team at Microsoft and a community champion for business application developers. She manages content and community activities for the engineering team as well as customer relations and events. Before Microsoft, she spent 15 years building business apps for small businesses as well as large enterprises. She is a frequent speaker at various software development events and you can find her on a variety of developer sites including, Channel 9, and her blog Follow me on twitter @BethMassi

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