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Show #12
Monday, December 26, 2011

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Carl and Richard talk to Richard Griffin about building applications with HTML 5 and WinJS on Windows 8. Who's going to like it more, the folks coming from Javascript or the folks coming from .NET? Richard talks about how his combination of XAML and HTML skills helped him grasp what WinJS is all about. You're going to love Promises and XHR! The conversation also explores why you'd want to migrate your app into the WinJS space and whether or not HTML 5 apps are going to replace native apps.
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Richard Griffin
Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin, is the founder of XamlNinja. XamlNinja, specialise in the art of XAML which they use to build innovative user experiences for the next generation of applications. He is a regular speaker at Mix, TechEd Europe and an active member of the Silverlight UK User Group where he continues his quest to educate Designers and Developers on how to work better together. You can find him hanging out on the Expression Blend forums or read one of his monthly articles published for the Expression Newsletter.


Richard is an Expression Blend MVP, and has an interest in design and user experience but he also loves to crank out code and dig into design patterns. You can follow him on Twitter @RichGee.

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