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Show #116
Monday, December 23, 2013

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While at NDC-London, Carl and Richard talk to Jon Skeet about his experience using C# everywhere - including mobile development! The conversation starts out talking about Jon's top topic of the past couple of years, Async and Await. Jon then digs into developing noda-time, a .NET implementation of Joda Time. This leads to a great conversation about Xamarin's tools for building iOS and Android apps and how C# can live everywhere. Jon talks through the fun parts and the hard parts of building mobile apps and his plans for cool new cross platform development. It's a different side of Jon Skeet!
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Jon Skeet
Jon Skeet
Jon Skeet is a C# and Java developer currently working at Google in the UK. For many years he has been a frequent poster in technical newsgroups, and has been awarded as a C# MVP by Microsoft since 2003. His C# web site contains some of the most frequently referenced articles on topics such as singleton implementations and parameter passing. He was a member of the writing team for "Groovy in Action" in 2007, and his first solo book, "C# in Depth", came out in May 2008. Jon is interested in tracking how languages and platforms are evolving to blend imperative and functional styles of programming, as well as providing more support for parallelism. While his "day job" is programming in Java, Jon is a C# developer at heart.

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