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Show #114
Monday, December 9, 2013

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In between #ModernApps2013 Road Trip legs, Carl and Richard got a chance to chat with Glenn Howes about his experiences building children's applications for the iPhone. At the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in 2013, Apple announced a kid store for iPhone and iPad. Glenn talks about trying to get his app into the store when it launched - but discovers a number of poorly defined hurdles that Apple added to create a sense of safety for parents.
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Glenn Howes
Glenn Howes
Glenn Howes is an independent iOS developer doing business as Generally Helpful Software in Nashua, NH. He started programming seriously while in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where part of his research work involved getting data out of an ancient infrared spectrometer, programmable only in UCSD Pascal. Finding he liked coding more than wearing a bunny suit, he spent 20 years programming Macs before migrating full time to iOS. He's best known for his stint being the senior Mac developer on the venerable ChemDraw desktop application, and has just released a children's shape drawing app: Frog Draw to the iOS App Store. He's father of two, a one time Jeopardy loser and the 193rd ranked reviewer on Amazon.

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